As people age, their cognitive abilities decline. Now you might be worried about this for yourself or for a loved one, but what is normal and what isn’t? Everyone loses their keys or their wallet from time to time, or can’t recall the name of the book they just finished reading, and they’re trying to recommend it to a friend…but how can you tell when you’ve crossed the line from normal forgetfulness into the frightening spiral of dementia?

Everyone has some contact with dementia — a parent, a grandparent, a friend. Find out what you need to know about dementia: what causes it, how to detect it, what might be done to mitigate it in the first of a five part series on dementia, presented by David’s company Braincheck.

"Eagleman has a talent for testing the untestable, for taking seemingly sophomoric notions and using them to nail down the slippery stuff of consciousness."
- The New Yorker
"[A] neuroscientist and polymath."
- Wall Street Journal
"David Eagleman offers startling lessons.... His method is to ask us to cast off our lazy commonplace assumptions.
- The Guardian
"What Eagleman seems to be calling for is a new Enlightenment."
- Sunday Herald
"David Eagleman may be the best combination of scientist and fiction-writer alive."
- Stewart Brand
"A popularizer of impressive gusto...[Eagleman] aims, grandly, to do for the study of the mind what Copernicus did for the study of the stars."
- New York Observer
"David Eagleman is the kind of guy who really does make being a neuroscientist look like fun."
- New York Times