Join David Eagleman as he taps into the creative process of various innovators while exploring brain-bending, risk-taking ways to spark creativity.

“Creativity is not about making something out of nothing,” Eagleman argues. “Instead it’s about refashioning what already exists.” It is about us fighting our brains’ urge to veer toward familiarity by digging deeper, pushing boundaries, and staring failure in the face. Those are the three simple ways to harness your creativity. He cleverly breaks down the issue at hand by touching on each of these ideas separately with the help of his influential subjects, illustrating the importance of each intellectual habit.

“In this way, we can take advantage of what it is to be human, to drink in the world and produce something, anything, that has never existed before.” Eagleman makes it clear that it’s innate in all of us — and it’s achievable.

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"[A] neuroscientist and polymath."
- Wall Street Journal
"David Eagleman is the kind of guy who really does make being a neuroscientist look like fun."
- New York Times
"David Eagleman offers startling lessons.... His method is to ask us to cast off our lazy commonplace assumptions.
- The Guardian
"David Eagleman may be the best combination of scientist and fiction-writer alive."
- Stewart Brand
"A popularizer of impressive gusto...[Eagleman] aims, grandly, to do for the study of the mind what Copernicus did for the study of the stars."
- New York Observer
"What Eagleman seems to be calling for is a new Enlightenment."
- Sunday Herald
"Eagleman has a talent for testing the untestable, for taking seemingly sophomoric notions and using them to nail down the slippery stuff of consciousness."
- The New Yorker